Joint Press Release | The Revolutionary Charter for the People’s Authority – Resistance Committees

We believe that the unity of real revolutionary movements is based on clear and defined aims, rather than merely field coordination.

Accordingly, following extensive and frequent sessions within the resistance committees and our revolutionary bodies at the grassroots and joint coordination levels, we discussed the anatomy of Sudanese reality from independence to the present. We agreed on a shared analysis and vision that achieves freedom, peace and social justice through radical change.

We present it to our people as a clear-cut charter for continuing the collective effort to end the bloodshed and waste of resources, as well as to ensure that the Sudanese people fully own their decision.

We are now working on publishing and presenting the revolutionary charter in this updated edition for the public, which includes the three pillars:

  • The Political Declaration
  • Chater of the People’s authority
  • The Code of Political Honor and General Provisions

While the following two projects will be published later:

  • The transition period program; (which consists of: the economic program, the political program and the revolutionary decisions).
  • The Transitional Constitution.

The revolutionary charter for people’s authority is not a luxury produced by the elite, but rather the outcome of revolutionaries’ awareness acquired during the Sudanese people’s fights with foreign and internal enemies. We pledge to work hard towards achieving it, to give it everything we have and everything we can.

We’d like to note that this is the correct and approved version of the revolutionary charter for the people’s authority , and not the one that was circulated yesterday and today prior to the publication of this statement.

Attached to the statement below is a link to download a copy (PDF) of the Revolutionary Charter for People’s Authority.