Joint Press Release | “The Revolutionary Charter for People’s Authority” and “The Charter for the Establishment of People’s Authority”

Our steadfast Sudanese people, both in Sudan and in the Diaspora:

Glory to the martyrs of Sudan’s ongoing revolution till victory, speedy recovery for the brave injured, safe return of the disappeared and missing, and freedom for the detainees who had no fault other than siding with the people’s choices and insisting on achieving their free will.

We, as advocates of radical revolutionary change, meet in the necessity of achieving the goals of the glorious December Revolution in full, and in the struggle to establish the authority of the people in the real and actual way of exercising that power, and in the aspiration to build a state of citizenship that guarantees freedoms, just peace, justice and where law prevail.

A state in which resources become a reason for the well-being of its citizens and the provision of a decent life, and in which each individual or group performs all their duties without transgression and obtains all their rights without derogation.

The commonality in the vision and analysis of reality, as well as the joint and continuous contribution to the revolutionary movement, and the view of the prospects for a way out of the current blockage, and the totality of what unites the resistance committees and the revolutionary forces, requires us to declare – voluntarily and with conviction – that the revolutionary mind that produced the charters presented thus far is also capable of elevating and harmonizing it, making it the focus of agreement and a base for the effective launch of the people’s authority without an intermediary.

One of the most important motives on which we meet is the important historical moment that we are going through in the month of April, and the necessity of defeating the coup forces and the forces of compromise and bargaining as a basic entry point for the establishment of people’s authority; to achieve these goals, we will continue the struggle and dialogue among the forces of the radical revolution.

As a result, in the upcoming April 6 epics and the days that follow, the field revolutionary action and escalation will be continued and reinforced in all parts of Sudan, until the complete and inevitable victory, which will not be achieved through negotiation, partnership, or bargaining, which reproduces the crisis, repeats the trial of the experiment, and results in the loss of what the martyrs entrusted us with.

And it is the line that separates us from everyone who is tempted to compromise or trade in issues of radical change that are smeared with the blood of martyrs.

The revolution is the revolution of the people, the authority is the authority of the people, the military belongs to the barracks and the Janjaweed to be dissolved.

April 5, 2022