Joint Press Release from the Resistance Committees

While the security committee is on its last breath and using all of its weapons to try to revive the coup against which the proud masses of the people stood like an impenetrable dam, the committee is trying to justify the use of violence against innocent citizens by employing filthy demonization methods.

Their futile attempt to smear our image continues with a series of events, the most recent of which was the assassination of the brigadier general with their dirty hands, in which they attempted to blame the revolutionaries who dazzled the world and became a source of inspiration for their peaceful revolution.

The Security Committee was not satisfied with that. Today, they’ve arrested injured citizens from Royal Care Hospital and transferred them to an unknown location, accusing them of killing the brigadier general. We hold the Military Council fully responsible for their safety and security.

We demand that their whereabouts be disclosed, that they be allowed to receive treatment and health care, that they be granted the legal right to meet with lawyers and reveal the course of their investigation. We also call upon the general public internally and internationally and all human rights organizations to stand firm against the violations being practiced now against the revolutionaries and the right of the country as a whole.

To the honorable masses of the people:

Everyone sacrificed their most valuable possessions for the benefit of our nation, giving what they had and what they didn’t have. There are two groups: Mlook Ishtibakat Al Mawakib “the kings of the processions clashes” and Gadiboun bila Hudood “we are infinitely angry” the ones who were constantly in the front row of the march with their exposed chests. They serve as a human shield for both us and the revolution. They are the safety valve we have known since the outbreak of the revolution.

We are fully aware of who they are. They are nothing more than revolutionaries, sons of our neighborhood, and classmates, and their attempts to malign and twist their image will fail. We all know and agree that via our peaceful revolution, we shall grasp what the military council’s guns and tanks cannot, and we will reclaim our total and complete freedom.


We are on our way, and bullets will not stop us, and we will keep our covenant as long as we are alive and we will not live in our land with anything less than pride and dignity.

Glory to the martyrs, healing to the injured, freedom to the detainees, and shame and disgrace to the traitorous mercenaries.