Joint Press Release | Breaking of The Shackles March

"The morning has come, and neither the prison nor the jailer are around anymore

To the pure souls of the martyrs, a salutation befitting of your good and pure souls, May God send down upon you much of His mercy and abundant pardon and forgiveness, to the injured and wounded, we wish a speedy recovery.

To all the missing and the kidnapped, who, although we do not see you, you are always present in our hearts, peace be upon you wherever you are. We wish you a speedy return with full health and wellness.

And to the detainees, our comrades and our brethren behind the prisons, the tortured, the deprived of their freedom, the falsely accused, you were and still are a symbol of our freedom and our struggle.

To the masses of the Sudanese people who are holding on to the embers of patience over the coup authority and its unjust and brutal policies, Your patience will not be in vain, and your freedom is like the sun that shine brightly no matter how long or dark the night.

We will continue on the path of the revolution and in accordance with the announced February schedule.We, the coordination committees of the Khartoum state resistance committees, call for participation in the “Breaking of the shackles” march on February 21st, from all cities in the triangle, to the mural of detainees at the intersection of Tahrir in the steadfast city of Bahri, following the paths that will be announced later.

This destination was chosen for its symbolism towards the arbitrary detainees and to shed light on the illegal arrests practiced by the coup authority against the honorable revolutionaries. We also assure the coup authority that repression, arrest, and attempts to break the movement will only increase the revolutionaries’ strength and determination to complete the struggle until they are uprooted and overthrown…

Signed by:

  • Bahri Neighborhoods Resistance Committees
  • Greater Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination
  • El Hajj Yousif Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Coordination
  • Sharg Al Nil Janub Coordination