Joint Press Release | April 6 March – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

And, because April is always victorious, it has already paid off by organizing everyone under shared aims, so tomorrow’s marches will be another unified and strong blow to the coup’s failing structure, which is surely doomed to fall.

We are not obligated as a generation to regurgitate previous history because we are capable of adapting our present to create the features of the future. We write “the name of this generation” in the records of the history of Sudanese resistance, and we strive to put an end to military coups in Sudan.

We are all aware, and even fully confident that this coup was stillborn, and that what used to give it life and instill the spirit in it sometimes was our division as forces opposing and rejecting the coup, until the coup authority believed they were correct. We are certain that April 6th may not be the end, but it is definitely the beginning of the true end of this coup, and soon we will announce to you billions-march of salvation.

We shall add a new star to the chest of our redeemed homeland and write a history that our children will be able to celebrate in the future.

There are some questions that need to be answered, and we will work together to produce answers, which we are close to finishing, so that the charters of the resistance committees in all regions of Sudan will constitute a solid ground for us to walk on and a clear vision for us to march under its light.

Keep a look out for the billions-march of salvation, which will take place on a different and new date. All revolutionaries must follow the assembly points, the platforms of the resistance committees, and the directives of the Field Committee leaders.

We understand that revolutionary ambition is not bound by borders, and that the tracks of the Sixth of April may not be satisfactory to some revolutionaries, so they have our deepest apologies, but our promise is that the resistance and its committees have many arrows in their quiver, and we have surprises that you are well aware of.

Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination
April 5, 2022

Signed by:

  1. Bahri Neighborhoods Resistance Committees
  2. Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination
  3. Greater Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination
  4. El Hajj Yousif Neighborhoods Committees Association
  5. Sharg Al nil Janub Coordination